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Weller Special Reserve “Green Label” is the original wheated Bourbon with a smooth profile.

The Stitzel-Weller Distillery is stuff of Bourbon legend. It was founded on Derby Day in 1935 by Julian “Pappy” Van Winkle himself and some of the most legendary Bourbons and brands were made there. The distillery itself was closed in 1992 and is now a museum-like adjunct of Bulleit Bourbon Experience owned by Diageo. But there is a lot of left-over Weller Bourbon in the storage lofts, along with “orphan” casks from other distilleries. But the Weller brand still produces some of the most sought-after Bourbons of the day — all flowing from the stills in the famous Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Weller is sometimes called “The Original Wheated Bourbon.” That’s because it is distilled from a mash bill of corn, wheat, and barley… no rye at all. And that combination always yields a smoother Spirits with fewer spices notes and more toffee/caramel notes. Weller Special Reserve “Green Label” is their Gold Medal-winning entry into the category. We say it makes an exceptional sipping Bourbon at 45% ABV.