st george dry rye gin

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St. George Distillery of Alameda, California, has for been producing craft spirits for the past 32 years. They’re among the first in the United States to start the whole craft movement - that’s before craft was even a buzzword. They started as a one-man operation located in a bare-bones production facility all those years ago, and have now grown to a diverse team of individuals passionate about artisan spirits, with a 65,000-squre-foot hangar with a spectacular tasting room, laboratory, and a lineup of the most beautiful pot stills in the industry. They’re not into the whole craft movement, nor Big brands vs. Small brands. They don’t care about all that. They just wanna make f*cking great spirits. That’s it. Better is better, they say.
Unusual for Gin, this is made with a Rye base, oh yeeeeah! This makes it quite Whiskey-like in base spirit, giving a yummy malty profile. Warming and spicy, this Gin comprises botanicals including juniper, black peppercorns, caraway and coriander. A really interesting Gin concoction that satisfies as it much as it confounds.