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Bumbu XO Rum is adored for its coffee, spicy, toffee and vanilla flavor notes.

This Rum is carefully distilled at Undisclosed distillery, Barbados.

Based on 87 votes, the average rating for Bumbu XO Rum is 8.4/10.

Top reviews for Bumbu XO Rum:

— One of the smoothest Rums that has ever hit my palate. Smooth with the right amount of kick. One square cube and a nice glass = paradise.

— We absolutely love this rum. It goes well by itself, on the rocks, or mixed with a cola. The XO is just a bit more smooth than the regular version. We have people that call themselves “Non-rum” types try it and each time they love it. Highly recommended.

— The rum was great, Both Bumbus mix well with anything. This one was is better hust on the rock.