1921 Anejo Tequila - 750ml

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Made in limited quantities, this is an elegant a¤ejo aged in American oak casks. A 100% agave tequila made to be sipped slowly in a Riedel Tequila glass. It allows discovery of more sophisticated features provided by the authentic oak barrel aged flavor. A tequila with a shiny yellow amber look, result of careful aging in toasted oak barrels. Delectable bouquet and smoothness with outstanding honeyed sweetness, exquisite fruit, cocoa and citrus aromas combined with the pleasant tone of wood. The palate is spicy with a slightly smoky finish. Finely smooth and sweet with great emphasis on dried fruit and wood with a long and pleasant aftertaste. The A¤ejo is a bona fide relaxed pleasure from start to finish Exceptional softness that seductively conquer your palate. Proof: 80 wine delivery, online wine orders, wine delivery service, buy wine online, online wine, ordering wine online, wine delivery near me, order wine