Everything There is to Know About Moonshine

Everything There is to Know About Moonshine


What is Moonshine?

Moonshine is a type of unaged whiskey. It is typically made from corn, rye, or wheat and is often flavored with fruits, spices, or other botanicals. It is typically produced in small batches in homemade stills and is considered to be a very high-quality spirit. Because it is not aged, moonshine has a much harsher flavor than other types of whiskey.

Despite its name, it does not have to be made on the moon—in fact, it can be made anywhere. The term “moonSHINE” actually comes from the term “moonshiner,” which was used to refer to people who produced illegal liquor in secret.

This is becoming increasingly popular and can now be found in many liquor stores. It is often served chilled or mixed with other drinks.

How is Moonshine Made?

Moonshine is an alcoholic drink that is typically made from corn, sugar, and water. The corn is mashed, and then the sugar and water are added. This mixture is then boiled. The alcohol content of moonshine can be as high as 95%, which is significantly higher than the alcohol content of most other types of liquor.

This can be made in a variety of ways, but the most common method is to use a still. A still is a device that is used to distill liquids. It consists of a pot that is heated on a stove and a tube that leads from the pot to a container that collects the distilled liquid.

  • The first step in making moonshine is to cook the corn.

This can be done in a variety of ways, but the most common method is to use a still. A still is a device that is used to distill liquids. It consists of a pot that is heated on a stove and a tube that leads from the pot to a container that collects the distilled liquid.

  • The second step is to add sugar and water.

This mixture is then boiled. The boiling helps to extract the alcohol from the corn mash.

  • The third step is to collect the distilled liquid.

The distilled liquid is collected in a container that is known as a receiver. The receiver can be either a glass jar or a bottle.

  • The fourth step is to filter the moonshine.

The fourth step is to filter the moonshine. This can be filtered using a variety of methods, but the most common method is to use a filter bag. This will remove any sediment or other particles from the moonshine. You can also use a coffee filter or cheesecloth for this purpose.

  • The fifth step is to bottle the moonshine.

To bottle the moonshine, simply pour it into a Mason jar. You can also use other types of jars or bottles, but Mason jars are the most common. Make sure to leave some space at the top of the jar so that the moonshine can carbonate.

If you want to make it look more professional, you can buy a bottle capper and caps from a store. This will allow you to seal the bottle tightly and keep the moonshine fresh.

  • The sixth step is to age the moonshine.

To age the moonshine, you can store it in a barrel. This will give it a smooth, mellow flavor. You can also age it in a carboy or glass jug. If you do this, make sure to use an airtight seal to prevent the moonshine from oxidizing. Aging it will improve its flavor and color, and it will also help to remove any impurities.

  • The seventh step is to drink the moonshine.

The most popular way to drink it is to drink it straight, but there are other ways to consume it as well. Some people like to add it to their coffee or tea or mix it with other drinks. There are also recipes that call for moonshine to be used in place of other ingredients. No matter how you choose to drink it, moonshine is sure to give you a good buzz.

It can be enjoyed on its own or used in cocktails. It has a strong, distinctive flavor that can be a little overpowering for some people. But for those who enjoy its taste, moonshine is a unique and enjoyable drink.

Why Is Moonshine Illegal?

Moonshine is an alcoholic drink that is made illegally and typically in secret. The main ingredient in moonshine is corn mash, which is mixed with water and then distilled.

The distilling process is what makes it so potent and can also make it dangerous. If the distillation process isn’t done correctly, it can contain high levels of methanol, which can be toxic or even deadly.

Moonshine has been around for centuries and remains popular today. There are a number of reasons why people continue to make and drink moonshine, even though it’s illegal. For one, it’s often cheaper than buying alcohol from a store. And, since it is made illegally, there’s a certain cachet and appeal that comes with drinking it.

If you’re curious about how it’s made or want to try some yourself, be sure to do your research first and take appropriate safety precautions. Moonshine can be dangerous if not made correctly, so it’s important to know what you’re doing before you start distilling your own alcohol.

What Does Moonshine Taste Like?

There’s no one right answer to this question, as moonshine can taste quite different depending on the recipe and ingredients used. However, many people describe its flavor as being similar to vodka, with a slightly sweet or fruity taste. Some also say that it has a harsh, burning quality that can be off-putting to some palates.

Despite its distinctive taste, this remains popular among drinkers due to its relatively low cost and strong kick. If you’re curious about what moonshine tastes like but don’t want to risk buying a bottle or making your own, you can always head to your nearest liquor store and sample a few different brands. Who knows, you may just find yourself a new favorite drink!

5 Best Moonshine Brands

There are many different brands of moonshine available on the market. Here are five of the best:

1. Old Forge Distillery 

Old Forge Distillery produces some of the most delicious and refreshing spirits you’ll ever taste. With flavors like apple pie, peach cobbler, or ginseng twist, for instance, it is easy to see how this small distilleries’ output can go down smoothly even before putting sugar on top!

2. Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine 

Legend has it that Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine is the product of a late-night raid on moonshiner’s home. The owner and his family were forced to flee when federal agents came knocking, but not before taking one last sip from their stockpile – which happened to be quite fortifying!

The taste? Loads more than just “dar” or ‘shine: It packs an almost nutty punch with flavors reminiscent of both sweet corn cobs as well as roasted nuts such as almonds & pecans coated in butter

3. Ole Smoky Moonshine

Ole Smoky Moonshine is a handcrafted moonshine that’s made from 100% natural ingredients. It takes over nine months to make and comes in different flavors, including the traditional apple pie flavor you know so well!

4. Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon

Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon is a unique blend of tradition and innovation. This moonshine goes through four distinct stages to get it just right, starting with traditional yeast then adding fruit flavors before distilling them into our signature high-proof spirits that are perfect for any occasion!

5. Stillhouse Moonshine

Stillhouse moonshine is one of the best brands for making alcohol. You can make your own delicious cocktails with this premium quality spirit or enjoy it as an ingredient in other drinks that are already popular, like jalapeno poppers!


Although moonshine is illegal to produce and consume, it remains a popular alcoholic drink. Moonshiners continue to make and sell this beverage illegally, often resulting in fines or jail time. 

If you’re looking for something different than your average bourbon or scotch, give moonshine a try. Just make sure you buy it from a reputable source – homemade moonshine can be dangerous if not made correctly.